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Uniforms & Gear Web Site RYS – follow this link to order player’s uniform: Rockport uniforms & cool stuff
If you have trouble, go to and type Rockport Youth Soccer in the left search box.  Notice that you’re in the RYS store.  Use the left menu boxes to find your player’s jersey number – it’s a helpful short-cut.  Along with Team Uniforms, adults and kids can order RYS cool jackets and gear.
Soccer Instructional Videos from Phil Tate Soccer 1-on-1 Phil Tate video link
Check out these amazing saves and goals from YouTube.

The following videos were produced by US Youth Soccer, and are available on their website and on YouTube. We’ve made them available here for your convenience.

In Step Drive to Shooting Goal

Dribbling for Control

Receiving the Ground Ball


Block Tackle

Goal Keeper Punting